Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! Chapter 34: She and Orders

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**R18 onwards. (〃∀〃)ゞ you have been warned~

Chapter 34: She and Orders

「Lidi, open your legs」

With his commanding tone that prohibits refusal, the deepest parts of my body quivered. Goosebumps littered my skin as his discerning gaze looked at my body with delight. Seeing his glazed blue eyes pleased me and urged me to rub my thighs together.

I couldn’t refuse.


I was aware that I was flushed all-over. My cheeks were hot and my body was not cold despite being naked. Rather, I could feel my sweat dripping.

While feeling Freed’s heated gaze on me, I placed my feet on the bed and slightly opened my legs just as he ordered me to.

「I still can’t see anything.」

Are you a demon!!
Even then, I could not refuse Freed, so I did as he told and opened my legs even more. While I hid my shivering face in shyness, Freed knelt on the bed.

「Alright, then stay in that position.」

While looking at me with a feverish look, Freed suddenly inserted his finger into the heat between my legs. I raised my voice instinctively.

The wetness in my core was dripping from the earlier stimulation, so it easily accepted his finger. He moved his finger with the intention of coaxing my insides, making my body writhe in reaction.

「Aa, aaa」
「You’re dripping wet. Is one finger not enough for you? 」

He teasingly laughed. While desperately craving for the pleasure, I could not do anything but nod at his question. I drown myself in his torment as I anxiously wait for more.

「More……Please give me more!!」
「Very well.」

He added 2, 3 more fingers inside me and further escalated his movements. The ‘guchi guchi’ sounds from his stimulations incited more pleasure and sent my head into nothingness.

「Your legs are closing, spread them even farther.」

Obediently doing what he ordered, I spread my legs for a second time. Even if it seemed strange, as expected, I immediately reverted to a polite way of talking when he used his commanding tone. Whether I was intoxicated with him or with the situation, I had no idea. All I could understand was that the throbbing of my heart could not stop. (T/N: tokimeki*) I only felt like doing whatever he told me.

The swelling of my sensitive area twitched as he touched me and my body recoiled in reaction.


I come apart in the blink of an eye. Was it because of his prior continuous teasing that coming afterwards was quick? After reaching my peak like that, the urge for something hotter surged within me. Because I was forced to do multiple embarrassing actions a while ago, the shame and hesitation to beg for more were gone from my mind.

「Something thicker…… please.」

The ache in my abdomen continuously pulsed as I begged for something else. The movement of his fingers did not stop even as my words reached him. My eyes teared up from the pleasure of his fingers.

Freed’s eyes squinted as he smiled and lightly laughed.

「……Do you want my thing?」
「…… yes.」
「Then, try begging. If you are able to do it properly, I’ll give you a reward.」

His eyes watched me intently as he pulled out his fingers. I racked my brain to think about the meaning of his words. I wanted him quickly; so much so that I couldn’t stand it. How could I make him put it in me?

With my head still in a puzzle, I spread my legs even farther and placed my fingers on my lower lips, spreading my swelling folds.
With upturned eyes, I looked at Freed and begged.

「Plea……ase. Freed’s……thick, hot thing……put it in me.」

I said that with difficulty while I clung onto him. The vision of him widening his eyes and covering his lips with his hand reflected in my eyes.

I faintly heard him say ‘I didn’t think you would go that far,’ but I didn’t pay it any mind. I wanted it quickly. I couldn’t help it. Should I beg again to receive it faster? While thinking that, I felt a heat in my genitals.

「……Very good.」

He opened only his coat, as if to do as I had wished (T/N: military festival~), and fully exposed the lower half of his body, pushing himself into me. A searing, solid thing kissed my nether lips, heightening my expectations even further.

I wrapped my arms around Freed’s back instinctively.

「Here I come.」
「Please……put it in me deep, quickly!!」

That heated feeling was pushed into me while a moaning voice was let out. My insides tightened in delight as I was given the thing I desired.

「Don’t clench me too much. Don’t you want it deeper?」
「I can’t! It feels good~ But give me more!!」

Freed penetrated me as he held my hips. My whole body trembled.

「Fuuaaa!! Nnnnnn… It feels good……」

Everything within me settled as I became entranced by the feeling of his heat. My whole being unbearably loved the feeling of the fast-paced throbbing of my heart.

I stayed idle to savor the pulsating heat. However, Freed slowly shoved his entire size into me.

「If I remember, this part hits your spot.」
「Nnn ahhh, that feels good~」

He accurately pinpointed the spot he identified a few days ago when we had sex for the first time. The chain reaction was like a coursing of electricity every time Freed pressed on the spot. My insides clenched him in response.

「Fuu……uuunn. Aaah.」

I clung onto him in tears as the speed of his thrusts got faster and faster.

「Your hips are shaking. Tell me, what would you like next?」

The calm exterior he exuded was a stark contrast to the sweat that was dripping from his forehead. The blue irises that peeked out of his blonde hair seemed to give off an indescribable gloss. The golden aiguillette from his uniform swayed in rhythm with the movement of his hips.

His erotic appearance served to fuel the fire in my stomach, making me convulse my insides even more. Freed slipped out a smirk as he noticed my reaction.

「Seeing you satisfied is my pleasure.」

I didn’t know what to respond with but the flush of my cheeks. Seeing this, Freed moved his lips closer to my ears to speak.

「I won’t know unless you tell me. Or would you rather I pull out?」

As I whipped my head up to refuse, Freed nodded his head in acknowledgement. From the unchanging tone of his voice, I realized that he understood my type of things. (F/N: fetishhhh, the military fes~).

That fact caused me to convulse.

「Then, tell me what you want me to do.」
「Plunge it deep into me……while we kiss……please.」

I understood now. I’m completely weak against his commanding voice. In accordance to his demand, I answered in a trembling voice. I felt my face flaming in embarrassment.
He nodded and slowly shortened the distance of our faces.

「Open your mouth and stick out your tongue.」

I did as told. Freed then licked my tongue with the tip of his. In time with it, going along with my wishes, the thrust of his hips reached the deepest part of my insides and showed no signs of stopping. He slammed his lower half with force continuously while deepening his kisses.


Our bodies were completely meshed together. I closed my eyes and once again encircled my arms around his back. The feel of his pounding and his lips, his tongue, everything, felt good.

The overflow of saliva urged us to pull away. To prevent it from dripping, I forcefully gulped the liquid. When I opened my eyes, I immediately saw the color of turquoise.


With a ‘chu’, he pecked me on the lips once again. Then, with a low, hoarse voice, Freed whispered.

「I’m gonna cum soon. Can I?」

Hearing his seductive voice near my ears made me nod. I heartily enjoyed myself with the military uniform. I was already satisfied.

「Here I come.」

Freed quickened the pace of his thrusts while holding my hips. The overwhelming sensation from since a while ago doubled in intensity. I became befuddled with the frenzy.

「Haaaa.……aaaaahh it feels……goood!!」
「Me too. The insides of Lidi is so hot, I feel like I’m melting.」
「More……please give me more!!」

My pleasure spot was continuously hit. Not wanting to let it get away, I entwined my legs on his hips.


Seeing my delighted behavior, Freed quickened his pace even further. (T/N: Lol. monster~ ahh) As my innermost parts were pummeled, my entire body convulsed in elation.

「Fuaaah!……Aaahh!I can’t take it anymore!……I’m cu!I’m cumming!!」
「Come, Lidi!I’m also at my limit!!」

With another forceful push of his hips, he reached his peak. At the same time, I felt the sensation of something hot. That sensual feeling served to add fuel to my quivering body.

「Aaahh, Freed’s* hot!!」(F/N:  probs semen, but she didn’t explicitly say it, so let’s just stick with that)
「I’m not yet done!!」

He came apart several more times and each time, it filled me with intense heat. With one last jerk of his hips, Freed finally stopped after making sure that he let out everything.


It ended…… eh, it was extremely thick*….(T/N: Freed’s semen~) 

As I fell down onto the bed while breathing roughly, Freed pecked my forehead. I accepted it silently.

「As I thought, looking at Lidi’s cute face while doing it is the best.」

‘Chu chu’ as he kissed my entire face. I suddenly remembered the Masquerade Evening Party. Come to think of it, despite only several days having passed since then, an unbelievable development had occurred and left me astounded.

No one would have expected that the crown prince would personally reach out to me and take me to that private room.

Freed’s kisses were ticklish. Seeing me lose strength, Freed started to slowly pull himself out.


Since I just recently came, my insides clenched and opposed Freed’s pulling out. Freed then pulled out with slightly more force. Along with a slippery sound, the filled sensation was lost, making me let out a voice unintentionally. At the same time, the fluids that were secreted inside me earlier leaked out.

How could I say this……this was an extremely complicated feeling.

……In the end, he came inside me again.

Well, I actively instigated the situation this time, so it can’t be helped. Following my cycle, I probably wouldn’t be pregnant. (T/N: the period cycleeee~ google it if u don’t know hehe)

I counted the days in my head. I didn’t know what Freed thought, but I personally wouldn’t want to be pregnant before marriage. I thought that I should at least talk about this to him once.

This time, however, as a precaution, I had taken the contraceptive for women that I purchased from Deliris-san.

And then, I smiled complacently as I lied on the bed. Military uniform was the best. Freed’s unexpected catering to my whims allowed me to enjoy myself. It didn’t turn out into a strange play, but I predicted that I might request it again, on another occasion.

Iyaaa, really, I might get addicted to that. I want to voice out the kind of glamour that the military uniform has.

Military uniform is justice! (T/N: AMEN)

While I take a breather from my self-reflection, the view of Freed taking off his clothes entered my vision.

At the sight of his naked body, my eyes glued on the spot. It was my first time seeing 6-pack abdominal muscles. Come to think of it, the last time we did it, we were covered in darkness. The hindrance of the mask made me unable to view him clearly, too.

Unable to see this fine macho was a regrettable act on my part.

As expected of someone who fought on a battlefield, the discipline from his training could be seen. I ogled at Freed’s muscle as I continued to be lost in my thoughts.

…… eeh, I am well aware of my deplorable personality. Is there something wrong? (T/N: yes girl) 

However, why is Freed taking off his clothes? I inclined my head to the side as I searched for the answer.

「What are you doing?」

I looked up at Freed, who says ‘Don’t mind it, don’t mind it’ while laying down my weakened body. He was completely naked and leaning towards me once again.

「Lidi’s portion is done. I granted your wishes. That’s why, this time, it’s my turn.」

It still wasn’t finished?!
My face cramped up in reaction.

「To not make a mark on Lidi’s smooth skin, I was holding myself back a while ago, you know. Let me taste Lidi to my satisfaction this time, okay?」
「No, umm……I’ve had enough already……」

As I tried to escape from below him, Freed pinned me down with a smile.

「I still haven’t had my fill. I have no intention of stopping today, so prepare yourself.」

In that place covered in sloppy, slippery liquid, he stood stiff once again. How could he be full of energy again after pouring a lot out?

「Lidi looked at me with eyes full of desire. That’s why I reacted like this.」

So this is retribution! I was shocked by his statement. He noticed my fascination with his muscles, earlier.

The obscene sound of slick juices resounded in the room. Freed pushed his erection inside me in one go. With how slippery it was, my lower lips accepted him easily.

And then, this time, he started off with harsh movements, intending to hit my deepest parts.

「Lidi, Lidi, you’re so cute. Show me more of that face.」

Like a reaction from the earlier deed, he tightly held my body in time with his movements. The tips of my breasts were rubbed in rhythm, giving me a new kind of pleasure.

「Fufu, aaah this feels good hm? Sure, I’ll give you more, so Lidi can just feel everything. Leave it to me.」

He looked for my pleasurable points as he teased my nipples. I couldn’t help but raise my voice.

「No……ahh……this is too excessive for me.」
「Even if you say that, you’re clenching me tightly, you know?……Aaah, I can feel it coming already. Drink it all, okay?」
「Aaah!That place is not allowed!!」

He continued to move at his own pace with the squelching sounds to accompany his movements. All I could do was whimper.

And then, he filled my insides to the brim once again. I accepted everything, thinking that this time it had finally ended as I sank on the bed. However, Freed didn’t permit that.

Without even pulling out, he continued to move once again.

Please, spare me.

After that, even after coming a couple of times, Freed never showed the end of his energy. Even after crying out that I could not take it anymore, his vigor and the deed continued to show no end.

After continuously receiving the other end of his stick, I fell in a deep sleep. The next time I opened my eyes was the next day, dawn.

We started the deed at noon the previous day, which would mean that we had been at it until the sun rose up.

Lesson learned. Never be fascinated by his muscles ever again.

……Meal. I skipped 2 meals……


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