Outaishihi Ni Nante Naritakunai!! Side Story 10 – The Court Lady’s Eternal Worry 2

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*25/7/2018 T/N Edit: Italicized pronouns for the Duke’s Wife (and bold for Lidi) as pully suggested~ I hope it’s easier to read nao huhu~

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Side Story 10 – Court Lady’s Eternal Worry 2

Dawn broke, and finally it became morning. If it were a usual morning, it would have been time to wake up His Highness. But, I could not possibly enter his quarters recklessly today.

I wasn’t given His Highness’ permission to do so. Nonetheless, I instructed preparations for breakfast to be made in the castle’s kitchen. Since I knew of his companion, I asked for two portions.

I thought His Highness’ lady would leave the room sometime during the course of the day (and night), but in the end, His Highness was with her until morning.

I felt His Highness’ sincerity without any room for complaints, leaving me to give out a sigh.

Since it was His Highness, he surely would have not brought in a strange lady. Nonetheless, it still left me honestly curious as to what kind of person she is.

Confidentiality speaking, His Highness has been unexpectedly attending evening parties in incognito for a short period.

Why he hasn’t brought a lady when he returns and his annoyed face when returning piqued the interest of His Majesty which resulted to his secret consultation with me.

According to His Majesty, it has something to do with the royal family’s circumstance; therefore I was instructed to watch over His Highness attentively. I naturally agreed with a nod of my head. That memory is still fresh from my mind.

He wouldn’t surely bring a lady from the evening party home, would he?

The evening party His Highness attends are, to some extent, can only be attended by noble houses. If a beloved concubine were to be found from the party, her social status wouldn’t be a problem.

However, even then, to welcome a concubine that His Highness met in an entertainment source is something I would not like to happen.

To have His Highness be in more than one relationship and that person makes light of the Princess Consort, it would be troublesome for the royal family.

I know my own selfishness is part of my inhibitions. However, discourteously speaking, I think of His Highness as my own son, hence, the notion of preventing strange insects from attaching itself to His Highness is an inevitable thought.

The more I think about it, the more my mood worsens.

I lead the court ladies and transport the prepared breakfast.

His Highness has been inside his room since yesterday noon. And then after, have not stepped foot out of the room, therefore they’re surely quite hungry now.

To be of service as soon as we were called is our primary job.

After our preparations were put in order, His Highness called for us.

I was relieved to hear the request for breakfast to be served, instigating my prediction to be on the mark.

I knocked on the door and raised my voice.

I received permission for entrance and thereafter, left the Palace Guards by the door and opened the door.

The sight of the affectionate pair on top of the bed came into view.

Both of them were not wearing any clothes, insinuating that their state was after their activity. I couldn’t avert my eyes away.

His Highness’ arm is wrapped around the lady’s waist. They seem to be conversing eagerly.

From the sweet smile he was giving, it became clear to me that His Highness is serious about the lady beside him. It was a smile that I have never seen His Highness show before.

……This is bad.

The image of that person* in a fit of anger came into my mind. (T/N: The prime minister~)

Naturally, I am His Highness’ ally. That fact is unquestionable, however, how would I protect the lady from that person’s poison fangs?

While I think that, suddenly, I was at a loss for words when my eyes met with the lady.

Violet eyes and light brown hair. Although the color of her eyes was different, the vision of someone I know from the past is the splitting image of the lady in front of me.

My body froze in shock. And then, my eyes looked towards her chest as if it drew me in.

A radiantly shining blue rose.

It was blossoming beautifully in full glory that I let out a voice instinctively.


In that instant, I remembered the truth that I denied.

The identity of Duke Vivouare’s wife.

The expression of the lady that was as if saying ‘I was found out’ and in contrary, the easygoing face of His Highness.

As I saw his face, I realized then that His Highness created this situation on purpose.

He was with the Princess Consort the whole time.

He displayed the both of them for it to be easy to understand.

‘I was done in’ I thought and was relieved.

This was better than being told that His Highness brought in a strange lady.

Although doing this kind of activity before marriage is not a problem, with the ‘King’s Flower’ already in place, no one would dare to raise a complaint even more.

King’s Flower = Princess Consort. That was the common sense of this kingdom.

Beyond the lady’s qualification of being the Princess Consort in place, spending the night together with His Highness will be regarded as justifiable even more.

The reason why His Majesty specifically ordered for the lady to be treated as the Princess Consort became clear.

It was because the ‘King’s Flower’ was already given to her.

I was relieved to realize that it was not a trap for His Highness.  At the same time, I was curious to see the lady’s relatively energetic appearance despite being loved for almost the whole day.

If I remember correctly, wasn’t she a lady with a weak constitution?.

No matter how you look at it, she is the very image of health itself.

Although she appears to be a little worn out, her skin is smooth and her complexion is excellent.

Was the rumor about her weak condition a lie? Or maybe, she is a substitute……

No, that’s impossible.

I shook my head as I pondered about it.

The lady that I know of exactly resembles her (Lidi), there was no way she can be an imitation.

Without a doubt, she is her (Duke’s Wife) daughter . She’s (Lidi) the daughter of my closest friend and that hateful person.

I couldn’t forgive the truth of her marrying that kind of man and hence, have never met with her since then. That closest friend of mine, she (Lidi) is her daughter.

The sight of His Highness’ delightful look as he proclaimed her daughter as his own Princess Consort makes me be fraught with emotion.

Not minding my gaze towards them, His Highness dropped a kiss towards the lady. Looking at them, I realized then that I was relieved from the bottom of my heart.

The extent of His Highness’ doting on the lady makes even me embarrassed as well.

That’s right, even if she’s the daughter of my hated person; she’s also the daughter of my closest friend. Since she is my friend’s daughter and His Highness’ happiness, I honestly thought of giving them my blessing.

Even so, I remembered the moment of that marriage and the humiliation I felt towards it and it made me say “Vivouare Duke” as a tease.

It appears that the lady noticed my meaning and is then downhearted by it.

It wasn’t my intention but, was I being immature about it?

Seeing the lady be dispirited with the same face as her makes my chest feel pain.

I want to comfort her.

Reflexively, I let out a voice; however, His Highness’ cold tone of voice compelled me to cast my gaze down before I could do so.

He proclaimed that he would not forgive any harm to befall the lady. I smiled deeply as I bowed my head down to those words.


――――This is excellent.


For His Highness to receive the lady he loves as his Princess Consort, and then, to serve the daughter of my closest friend from now on. Committing the feeling of happiness from it all, I then deeply bowed my head towards the two once again.


T/N: Jeezzz, the Japanese likes their pronoun game y’all sorry if the translation’s too confusing, the words just suddenly jumps from this person to this person without clarifying who it is and it makes me insaneeeee wah (;´Д`)

Feel free to correct any grammar, spelling, translation mistakes you see~

I’ll try to finish chapter 36 by tomorrow? probably? lol I say this but I’m not entirely sure when so please don’t get your hopes up~ huhu

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  1. So Clara was the type of friend who couldn’t accept their former best-friend’s choice of partner. It seems a bit cold of her to freeze out her former friend that much, but she still seems to care enough to want to take care of Lidi.

    Also, it’s pretty funny that she’s going to be very much a mother hen to the Prince and Lidi. Even funnier is the fact that she was amazed that Lidi could survive Freed’s lust. It really makes me wonder if Freed’s mother was just as strong, though the exhaustion finally began to catch up to her by this point (again, referencing her exhausted visage when confirming the King’s Flower).

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    1. They haven’t revealed the reason why Clara and the Duke are on bad terms (at least, from the chapter I’m currently on) so I don’t want to judge her too muchhhh~ Though, ye, for her to suddenly stop contacting her ‘closest’ friend makes you wonder how close they really are lol.

      I want to see a pov story of Freed’s mother too. Don’t forget that magic exists in this world so, I wonder if the King and the Queen have magic too. Ahh so many questions, so little answers.


  2. Thank you soooo much for the chapter!! No worries it was really easy to understand. I’ve been lurking around Japanese stuff so I know how they usually get their way around 😌😂😂
    It’s making me really curious just what did the duke did to Lidi’s mom😂

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    1. Perhaps Lid’s mom was caught in a magic trap too. And much like Lidi , she may have protested about marriage to an officer of the court/royals because of polygamy.

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      1. I don’t know . I was just thinking about the Court ladies thoughts about the prime minister,as to why she doesn’t like him.


  3. Without a doubt, she is her daughter. She is my closest friend and that hateful person’s daughter.

    I couldn’t forgive the truth of her marrying that kind of man and hence, have never met with her since then. That closest friend of mine, she is her daughter.

    pronoun games indeed *sweats* this is the part that’s a bit confusing, or at least, needs a reread. I’d suggest using italic to stress on Lidi’s mom? oooooooor

    … her daughter. She, is that hateful person and my closest friend’s daughter —>for me this is less like Lidi is somehow Clara’s BF(not)F
    … That closest friend of mine… (Princess Consort) is her daughter —>clearer which she is which hhhh author-san…..

    anywhooo that’s only suggestions -w- thank you for the chapter!

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    1. Wahhh, sorry about that. I tried italicizing the pronouns for Lidi’s mom for it to be easier to understand (probably) nao~

      Thanks for the suggestion~ It doesn’t help that Lidi’s mom nor her dad’s name doesn’t pop up at all in Clara’s pov so I gotta reread the chapter many times for me to get who she’s talking about~ huhuhu author-sannn im not good at this gamee~


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