Outaishihi Ni Nante Naritakunai!! Chapter 8 – Her Failure (Re-Upload)


Her Failure

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 The passing silence was painful.

 Unable to endure it I looked down, and while staring this direction the Crown Prince did not say anything for a while.


「……Can I hear the reason?」


 Hearing the calm voice, I lifted my face.

 The Crown Prince continued to look this way with a smiling expression.

 ……This, could it work?

 While raising a fist in my mind, I firmly nodded.

[TL: fist as in a guts pose/fist pump]




 Turning towards the Crown Prince, I slid onto my knees in apology.


「First of all, my Father knows nothing of this matter. Speaking about this with your Highness is my first. This may be selfish of me to ask, but please don’t hold my Father in contempt for this. ……If something happens, then I will bear all responsibilities.」


 This situation was completely due to my selfishness. If possible, I didn’t want to give any trouble to my Father. He was that kind of person, but he truly cared for me.

 If I had to bear the responsibility then I will carry anything.

 Having appealed directly to the Crown Prince like this, I had to have at least this much determination.

 Staring at the Crown Prince with determination in my eyes, he slightly nodded.


「It’s an exaggerated talk, but so be it. From henceforth, this conversation shall be kept between you and I.」

「Thank you very much.」

「And? Saying you can’t marry, what do you mean?」


 I felt grateful towards the Crown Prince who had taken an earnest posture to listen.

 As according to rumors, he was a good person, and in the depths of my heart, I felt slightly regretful that it had come to this.

 ……Even so, I didn’t have one thought of wanting marry him.

 Polygamy, that laid everything to waste.


「It’s a little embarrassing, but I do not possess the qualification to marry your Highness.」

「Qualification? You are the daughter of the foremost Duke, our ages are suitable and you’re beautiful. Above all, I desire you. I don’t believe there are any problems to be had, though?」


 ……Saying he wanted a woman who he’d never even met, he speaks well.

 Really, what about me has pleased you so?


「You jest, Highness. I do not possess such value. It’s inexcusable towards your Highness, but I……that is……」


 It was extremely difficult to say.

 But the Crown Prince sensed what I had wanted to say.


「……Perhaps, you are no longer a maiden. Is that what you’re saying?」


 The Crown Prince had pointed out what I couldn’t say, and with relief I nodded.


「Yes. I’m very sorry, but truly I had thought to take the opportunity of when my Father came home and discuss this matter with him. Even though I do not have the qualification to marry your Highness, to name myself in front of you was my error. Really, it can’t be pardoned. I will receive any punishment.」


 Dispirited and I cast my eyes downwards, and “that was close”……I heard a voice saying such things.

 Did I mishear? Thinking that, I raised my face and the Crown Prince made a declaration where objection would not be permitted with a smile.


「There is no need to worry, it’s not a problem at all.」



 Without thinking, I asked in return.

 There was no way I didn’t need to worry about it.

 It was a matter of course that the royalty seeked undefiled maidens for marriage partners.

 For some reason my side was the one frantically appealing.


「Your Highness, all the same it would not do. My virginity was primarily meant for your Highness. Because it’s become impossible to do so, it’s only right to break off this engagement.」

「That’s why, with just that as the reason, there exists no motive to annul our engagement.」


 The Crown Prince and my conversation weren’t meshing.

 I didn’t understand one bit of what he wanted to say.

 I told him clearly that I wasn’t a virgin.

 It was a conversation where all he had to do was quickly announce that the engagement was void and then retreat from this place.

 If he did that, then I would be cleared a free woman.

 At last, I would be able to think about having a reasonable marriage.


「Your Highness!!」

「The engagement will not be cancelled.」


 I was irritated at the Crown Prince, even though I had told him clearly.

 Even though I didn’t intend to, I raised my voice.


「And why is that!? I’m saying I’m no longer a virgin. For marriage, the royalty demand for a virgin above all else. You should understand this to much more of an extent then me!!」


 After finally losing it and exploding, the sound of a suppressed laugh escaped the Crown Prince.




 What did he mean by suddenly laughing.


「Is there something strange!!?」

「Sorry sorry.」


 Saying that, the Crown Prince stood and circled around in my direction.

 I was suspicious of what he might do, but he stood me up and embraced me.


「Highness, what are you–!?」

「Ahh, I’ve finally caught you.」



 Hugging me tightly, he released a long sigh above my head.


「That’s why I said it’ll be fine. Didn’t I tell you I would take responsibility numerous times? ……Your virginity was definitely taken by me, so there is no problem anywhere. More than anyone else, I am sure of that. I won’t let anyone complain.」


 To the change of his tone, my blood ran dry.

 Just now, what did the Crown Prince say? 『Taken by me』was what he said, right?


「How cruel. When I woke up, I thought to propose to you and bring you to the castle. But you promptly left me and returned home. I was supposed to be embracing you but somehow it had turned into a pillow……Right? Diana.」


 To his flirtatious glance and his charming voice that made me recall love affairs, I thought my heart would stop.

 Certainly, it was a voice I remembered hearing.

 Diana’s partner, Apollo; calling him like that until this morning, I remembered even if I didn’t want to.

 Speaking about it, since before I had been feeling a sense of deja vu.

 Why did I choose to ignore such an important thing.

 It hadn’t been just my imagination, and finally I realized, it was because he had been my partner from just this morning.


 Towards I who had lost my voice in shock, the Crown Prince explained that since he didn’t know my name, searching had taken some time, and bumped against my forehead with a clunk.




 Finally having spoken that name, the Crown Prince broke into a large smile.

 Confirming, he happily embraced my strongly.


「I would have never thought you would be my own fiancé. What an oversight. If I’d looked at your portrait when the engagement had been decided, I would have realized immediately yesterday, though.」


 He didn’t have any interest in his engagement partner, and for that neglectance to have become his downfall, he told me with a vexed expression.


「At such an evening party, women such as you don’t usually attend. That’s why I was surprised. In the bedroom, it didn’t seem as if you had an assertive or playful temperament, so I was wondering what kind of sheltered princess you would be……」

「……You saw……my face……?」

「Yes, during the time after you came and lost consciousness. You’d been very wary, and you wouldn’t even tell me your name. Taking a glimpse at your face before you ran away, I am only more convinced that I made the right decision at that time.」


 My anger boiled at the man who had easily confessed.

 What a mess. The reason why my mask had been removed was because of this man.

 Hm? But Apollo’s hair color was certainly black, if I remember……


「Your hair color is different……」

「Ah, this? As expected, if I stayed the same I would be discovered as the Crown Prince. It’s quite a defining trait, this color scheme. That’s why I changed the color of my hair using magic.」


 While saying so, he approached my face and dropped a kiss.



「You’re so cold. Even though we had such passionate love making last night. Hey, why was such a person as you at that evening party?」


 Wanting to separate I struggled, but his prison of arms didn’t budge one bit.


「It’s fine because it was me, but if you had been eaten by some strange man, wouldn’t the one regretting be you?」

「I’m regretting it with my all right now, though……」


 I glared at him, who was disregarding my futile resistance and continuing to drop kisses.

 What a misstep, the partner who I’d chosen to give my virginity to was wrong.

 But, who would think that the Crown Prince would be at such a place fooling around!!?


 ……I had long lost my desire to continue my acting.

 Unless I said it clearly, this man wouldn’t get it.


「……I didn’t want to get married to you, so I thought to promptly get rid of my virginity!! That’s when I thought of the player who didn’t seem like he would bring much trouble later……」



 Being stared at with a strong gaze, I nearly lost the ability to breathe.


「As expected, that was your objective. ……And in such a manner, you went along with my invitation. Well, the target seems to have been me, so I’ll forgive you this time. ……I won’t forgive a second time, though?」

「……The relationship between you and I ended after that. There is no second time.」

「Don’t want that. Aren’t we officially engaged?」

「That’s why I’m telling you to cancel it!!」


 The moment I said it, the temperature in the room noticeably dropped a few degrees.

 The Crown Prince declared in a cold voice.


「……I won’t consent. It’s only natural. The woman I fell in love with at first sight, is the exact ideal I’ve been searching for this whole time. Additionally, she is already my fiancé. Such a convenient situation, as if I’d let it slip past me. ……I definitely won’t let you escape.」


 The feeling of being targeted by a predator revived.

 His eyes, they captured me and wouldn’t let go.


「Ideal, you say……」

「You aren’t aware of the bedroom etiquette of this country, are you? ……It’s extremely boring established from far before.」


 Curving the corner of his lips, he spoke.




 I tilted my head, not understanding the meaning. Seeing that, the Crown Prince said, “as I expected.”


「It’s fine not to know. You don’t need it. I like the way you are now.」

「……Did I do something strange?」

「No, you did nothing of the sorts. ……That’s right, I should thank the Prime Minister for not teaching you of those things.」



 Somehow, it seems I had committed a fatal blunder.

 I don’t know what it’d been, but I understood that it only further propelled his obsession with me.


「But thinking about it, for the daughter of a front running Duke and for I the Crown Prince, to not have met each other even once till now, isn’t it strange?……」


 ”If we had met earlier, surely I would have fallen in love with you,” so the Crown Prince told me with a hot breath.

 If that was true, then I was spot on with choosing the option to run away.


「In the beginning, it seems the Prime Minister had tried to let us meet, and truthfully had made various settings. But until now, they had never been put into practice. I wonder exactly why?」


 ”You know why, don’t you?” He asked, and I nodded inside of his arms that wouldn’t let me go.

 There was no need to hide it anymore.


「……I knew that Father wanted to make Your Highness into my husband. I did used every possible method to avoid that.」

「Then, the talk that you’re sickly is also false?」

「I’ve almost never gotten sick.」


 Replying to him with a serious look, while hugging me the Crown Prince looked towards the heavens.


「I’m beaten, do you really hate me that much?」

「I don’t hate you. I don’t know you, so it’s only natural. I just didn’t want to marry into the royal family.」

「You don’t want to be married to me?」


 Blue eyes pierced through me. Those eyes wouldn’t permit refusal, but I didn’t falter.


「I don’t want to.」

「……You’re very direct. Well, it was the same for me until I met you. But now I can think of no other than you. So give up and become my consort.」


 Holding the sides of my face with both hands, our eyes met and he smiled.

 Such gestures were nice and pleasant, but were impervious to me.


「I refuse……I will reveal to my father that I am without virginity.」

「You want to cancel the engagement with that? Impossible. Because your partner was your fiancé, me. As according to plan, I will take responsibility for stealing your virginity and receive you……If you’re going to take out such measures, then I will certainly inform the Prime Minister so.」



 Sliding his hand to my belly while I shook with anger, and continued his words.


「Furthermore, I poured a lot of my seed into you last night. Around now, there might be a small life beginning here. Right? There’s a reason for me to take responsibility, isn’t there?」


 Towards the Crown Prince who was smiling darkly and had implied the meaning of not using protection that night, I was astonished.

 That was what he meant by saying he’d take responsibility.

 But I won’t lose in this matter either.

 Warding off the smiling Crown Prince with all my might, I refuted.


「A shame. I had considered such a possibility and properly took a contraceptive, so it’s a completely needless anxiety.」



 This time the Crown Prince froze up.


「……You used, birth control?」


 Unable to understand his startlement, I affirmed with a yes.

 With an astonished expression, the Crown Prince looked towards me.


「The contraceptive you’re speaking about, is it『Delice’s Secret Medicine』?」

「Is there any other? I only have recollection of there being only one method of contraceptives for women in this country, though……」


 That was certainly the name. It was the name of the grandma who sold me the medicine.

 She was a pleasant old woman, so after talking to her of my circumstances she happily sold it to me.


「How did you get it!?」

「Eh……I just normally……Followed the side road.」

「Normally you said!?」


 The Crown Prince shook my shoulders.


「Do you understand just how valuable that is? People can’t even usually find the witch who sells the medicine!! And you say you got it into your hands!?」

「Well, it was certainly very expensive.」


 After I mumbled about the price, he focused on me even more.


「You bought it for only that much!?」

「No, I think it was an adequate price.」


 Thanks to that, my savings were mostly air now. I had to begin saving little by little again.

 Hearing my words, for some reason the Crown Prince was at a loss for words.

 The moment I thought that, he held his stomach and began laughing.


「Hahahahaha, ahahahahahaha!!」

「Y-Your Highness?」


 Oh no, His Highness broke.

 Thinking that, when I moved a step back to retreat, the other side pulled me into his arms.

 I looked into the Crown Prince’s eyes, who seemed like he was having fun.


「……It’s my defeat, Lidi. To think that you were able to get『Delice’s Secret Medicine』. Really, even though you knew nothing of the etiquette between men and women, you researched all about this, didn’t you?」

「No, because it’s important, isn’t it?」


 In truth, it saved me this time.

 After I replied seriously, he confirmed and nodded countlessly with teary eyes.


「……Fufufu. Aah, as I thought you are the best. Marry me?」

「Didn’t I tell you I didn’t want to?」


 The Crown Prince sure is persistent.


「Saying you don’t want to marry into royalty, what exactly is the problem?」


 Blinking his turquoise eyes, he enquired. Having been silent to this point I wondered why, but I obediently told him my reason.




 Towards the Crown Prince who was strangely urging me to elaborate, I lowered my eyebrows slightly.


「……If it’s not a one-to-one marriage, I don’t want it.」


 ”That’s why it’s impossible,” when I wanted to continue like so, my words were blocked.

 Because the Crown Prince who was holding me had stolen my lips.


「Nn!! Nnnn……!!」


 Plus it was a deep one with our tongues twined around with all their might.

 Towards that I remembered our affairs of last night, and my body heated up in an instant.


「……Puha! What are you doing, so suddenly!!?」


 Desperately pushing our bodies away, while breathing haggardly I glared at him.

 Without seeming like he’d learned, the Crown Prince looked at me ecstatically while he replied.


「It’s because you said something so adorable……」


「In other words, Lidi is saying you want to monopolize me, right?」


 I’m sorry. Please speak in a way I can understand.


「Of course, if I can have Lidi then I don’t mind at all. If I can get you to accept our marriage with such a thing, then I will happily renounce my right towards polygamy.」


 As if fulfilling his cute wife’s wish, he acknowledged with a sparkling full-throttle smile.


「No, um……」

「Is there more?」


 Urging me to tell him, half desperately I replied.


「The burden of becoming the future Queen is too heavy for me.」

「To the daughter of a forefront Duke as you? We’re speaking of the Prime Minister, surely he’s had you take such classes since childhood?」


 ……It was exactly that.


「If you can’t do it, then no one can. Don’t worry, I’ll support you……Hey, give up and become mine?」


 One by one he tore down my excuses and cornered me.

 It couldn’t be helped that I felt scared of the Crown Prince’s smile.

 Before I noticed, I had been driven to the wall.

 Losing my escape routes, once again I was slowly embraced.

 My reasons had already lost all meaning.

 If I nodded now, I would definitely never be able to run away from this man.

 That’s what my instinct told me.

 Even though I wanted to escape, the arms around me only grew stronger and wouldn’t budge at all.

 I didn’t like that I almost thought that this felt a little nice.


 Why, why did it turn out this way?

 Even though I said so much that I didn’t want to become Crown Princess, and had begged him so……。


「I-I don’t love you, Your Highness.」

「For now, but in the near future I will definitely make you say you love me.」

「No thank you.」

「Don’t worry about it, I’ll only do it because I want to.」


 Saying so, he buried his face at the crook of my neck.

 A small pain ran through me, and I realized he was sucking with great force.


「W-what are」

「Hm? Marking.」


 ”I have to tell everyone in your surroundings that you belong to me.”

 Saying that with a satisfied smile, a shiver ran down my spine.


「I love you, Lidi. I definitely won’t let you go, so be prepared alright?」

「No way. I don’t want to marry.」

「Even though we’re already engaged? How stubborn.」


 While being hugged strongly, I desperately denied the Crown Prince’s words.

 While feeling that I was in a bad situation, only the impending danger of me nodding once and it was over moved me.


 He laughed merrily.

 Noticing the hands that had circled around began to move indecently, I shouted.


「I absolutely refuse to become your consort!!」

Thank you very much.

This is it of Lidi’s POV for the time being.

From the next onwards will be of the Crown Prince’s.

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