Outaishihi Ni Nante Naritakunai!! Chapter 41: Her Older Brother and The Childhood Friend

T/N: Caution on the heat ahead. By heat I mean, burns. Enjoy~ ⊙△⊙

Also, this takes place after Alex left Freed’s office, and is Alex’s POV too. So, not much action and/or information overload. whew

Chapter 41 – Her Older Brother and The Childhood Friend (Alex POV)


「Yo, Will!! I’m intruding!!」


Ignoring his subordinate’s efforts to stop me, I opened the door and fired off.

As he (Will) looked my way with a displeased expression, I raised my hand in greeting.


「Long time no see, you good-for-nothing.」

「Shut up, Alex. Just what is your purpose in going out of your way to come here.」


Will waved his hand to order his subordinate who was standing behind me, to withdraw. It seems that the subordinate is still an apprentice. As if relieved, the subordinate bowed clumsily and left the room after closing the door.

I saw that off from the corner of my eye as I poke fun of Will.


「As I thought, you have some horrible face there, Will. Was Lidi’s engagement that much of a shock?」


When I grinned as I moved closer, Will turned a seething gaze towards me.

Aa, scary, scary.


「It’s none of your business. Did you specially come here to rub salt on my wound.」

「Nah, I didn’t. I came here to pass information. But I did thought to tease you while I’m at it.」



Ignoring the gaze of the seated man, I leaned on the edge of the desk.

I had something I wanted to hear from him.



「Hey, Will. Why haven’t you said anything to Lidi all this time? 」



Unconcerned, I continued my words to Will who widened his eyes and kept silent.

Honestly, I was surprised at this engagement.

I knew Lidi hated it and since I was beside Freed, I knew of his feelings as well.

No matter how much the old man eagerly arranged the engagement, it wasn’t processing smoothly because of this.


「I already said this to Freed a while ago, but I honestly had expectations for you. If you just ignored the matter between our old mans and conveyed your feelings immediately, the end result would have been a tad bit different, don’t you think?  」


There weren’t any problems with family status, and neither is there any in Will’s reputation.

Although the root cause was the bad terms between our fathers, it wouldn’t have mattered and would still depend upon one’s great effort.

In truth, these several months, both houses have started to give up and meet halfway.


「……She doesn’t see me as a man.」


There was no confidence in Will’s voice as he spoke lowly.

My eyebrow raised at his words that lay the blame on Lidi.


「Well, I guess that’s probably so. That is why a confession was necessary, that much is needed to get through that dense thick-head. It was just that Freed acted faster. Truly in lightning speed. He fell in love at their first meeting. Then pushed her down and forcefully gave the King’s Flower, it seemed.」

「The King’s Flower?!」


I meant to say it as a tease, but seeing Will seriously surprised made me utterly amazed.

Rumors were floating around since yesterday so it wasn’t something hidden. When it comes to Lidi, he really is slow.


「You already know too, right? Who Freed was with the entire night. If the ‘King’s Flower’ wasn’t already in possession, such a thing wouldn’t have been accepted. If you think about it, it makes sense, right? 」

「A, aaa, I guess so.」


Seeing Will’s averting eyes, I realized then that he was too overwhelmed with shock to ever notice the details.


「Apparently, she’s still in Freed’s room. Good grief. I meant to talk to Lidi before returning to our fief, what to do……」


I wanted to scold that idiot but I couldn’t possibly step inside the royalty’s residential area. 。

As I pondered dejectedly, Will murmured in response.


「If you’re wondering about Lidi, I sent her home by my carriage……」



Not understanding what he said, I uttered a question.

Will responded somewhat indifferently.


「I met Lidi at the general area a while ago. She wanted to return to her residence, so I called my carriage and sent her home」

「……Then, she returned to our residence?」

「That should be it.」


Wondering what she perpetrated this time, it seemed my sister ran away from Freed.

I then remembered Freed talking in a satisfied manner as he expressed confining Lidi.

Seeing Freed that way was a first for me, but he certainly is serious about Lidi.

Just what did my sister do to make Freed engrossed to that extent?

I would like to know but that natural airhead probably isn’t even aware of what she did.

Asking about is futile.


Seeing Freed’s state, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he were to personally go and meet Lidi as soon as tomorrow. I don’t think he would let her escape the next time.

If I had wanted to talk to my sister, now is the only chance.


As I thought so, I stood up. In the next moment, I asked Will.


「You*, do you resent Freed? 」(T/N: He said omae)

「……What are you talking about」

「No, well, the person you’ve had feelings for, for many years was snatched away from you on the side, right? I wondered what you think. Certainly you wouldn’t have thought that since you came to like her first, you’d have first priority.」

「What nonsense are you spouting……」


‘Normally, that would be so’ I thought. Seeing Will’s grimace, I continued on.


「Right. If that’s the case, then it’s fine. When it comes to love, it’s first come first served. If there was such a thing as priority, then the person who didn’t make use of the first meeting is at fault. If one is to just stand and watch, he won’t get his hands on what he wants.」(T/N: *mic drop*)


「Long before Freed met Lidi, you had plenty of time. Same goes with the opportunities. In truth, Glenn could have been Lidi’s childhood friend as well but it was also your doing that made them unable to meet, right? If you had that much of a free time to monopolize her, then you should have at least spoken a pick-up line or two.」


As he heard my banter, Will raised his voice as if annoyed.


「Even I wanted to do that. I like her too much that words can’t flow out of my mouth. There was nothing I could do!!」

「That’s why you didn’t advance beyond that. Because of that, it’s over. You weren’t able to use your chance of making her yours. That’s what it is, right? Freed held Lidi and made her his, thereon you have no right to have a say in the matter.」(T/N: hisssssss scorched)


As if teaching a lesson, I jabbed my frank words. Will grinded his teeth and responded.


「I already know that kind of thing. ‘Reaping what I sow’, I understand it to the point of hating.」

「That’s why I’m asking. Do you resent Freed?」


When I asked him again, Will glared at me as if saying ‘don’t make fun of me’.


「It couldn’t be helped that I’m jealous. The feeling of longingness I have for Lidi still exists. However, as if I could resent His Highness. I have not fallen to that extent.」

「……Right. My bad. I said too much.」


Although I fanned the flames to hear Will’s real thoughts, it seems I overdid it.

As I lightly slapped Will’s shoulder with a thump, Will then sighed.


「……Perhaps it was for His Highness’ sake that you wanted to know my real intentions, but you’re still as spiteful as ever. Is aggravating my heartbroken self that fun? 」

「I guess so. Bothering you is fun……saying this probably doesn’t matter, but I was looking forward to seeing you as my little brother.」



This reason was why I was furious at the sudden development.

I was furious at Will who didn’t take any action.

The least he could have done was confessing his feelings and if he was turned down, then that was preferable.

I can’t help but feel that way.


My sister doesn’t matter. She could gain happiness wherever she is. That’s the kind of person she is, so I don’t think she’ll fall in misery with how much that guy is in love with her.


「Well, there is such a thing as suffocated with love*……」

*(T/N: Raw texts said ‘crushed with love’ = 押しつぶされそうな愛ではあったが but it doesn’t really sound as good in english, so I changed it to this. lol or maybe I just suck at translating huhu) changed to suffocated… as per X.x suggested, thank you~)


「No, it was nothing.」


Will inclined his head in question. I can finally move on to the main reason I came here to say.


「Will, the North have moved. Be careful」



Will then became serious and showed his agreement as he nodded.


「I have already informed His Majesty. Freed too. It would be better if you rush your preparations as well.」

「……I understand.」


Will returned his assent. I responded with a ‘I’ll rely on you‘ and turned my back from him.


「See ya. I’ll return to my residence……Thanks for helping that Lidi.」



It seemed as if Will wanted to say something, but I have already turned around.

The conversation has ended.

Waving one hand in the air, I then left Will’s office.



Now, then.

――――Next is that idiot’s (Lidi) turn.


T/N: Finally done~ I apologize for the (slight) hiatus?/delay with the chapter. I recently got a job so I was fluttering around with the requirements and such. Also cause, I was updating myself on reading webnovels. (; ̄︶ ̄) Mostly c-novels lol. I recently finished Chongfei Manual, Sansheng Wangchuan, and (updated) Mei Gongqing, all this week, so I couldn’t really focus on translating hehe, sorry. (Funny how I focus on this more than the job I just got)

I just started with To be a Virtuous Wife too, so that’s fun hehe (ノ∇≦*) I’ll still try to finish chapter 42 soon though, no worries~ (Though, next chapter is another side story so it might be a bit faster to translate hehe)

As usual, look around for translation/grammar/spelling mistakes~

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  1. Big bro to giving his little sis “the last talk before I allow you to continue seeing that man” soon!

    I wonder if he’d be slightly disgusted, in that “I’m your brother but I don’t want to know about your sex life way”; rather than from a spy’s PoV, but also amused at the events that led to her ending up as Freed’s wife in all but name (for now). I’m kind of hoping he also ends up letting her realize that she was actually quite loved, and could have had a different bed mate to escape royal marriage had she actually paid a bit more attention.

    I’m not asking him to make her extremely guilty; but just let her know she was never really alone, and had choices. And after chatting with her, warn her that Freed will definitely be coming for her. It would be hilarious to end up seeing her rush out to her witch friend for more stamina medication.

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    1. Ohhh, you seem to have a good grasp of Alex’s character now 😀 Most of what you’ve said, will probably, happen in the following chapters. Though, I think Alex’s vulgar-ness doesn’t really stop him from getting disgusted, much less at Lidi’s sex life. He’s just that crude lol. (such gap moe~)


  2. Alex presented a healthy point of view here for Will.As a true friend to Will and brother to Lidi he wants to avert unnecessary conflict for his sister. Will was too slow to move and now has regret.Let’s hope he can mind his own business. And that Lidi will stay away from Will .

    Thank you for this update

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