Outaishihi Ni Nante Naritakunai!! Side Story 13 – The Wife’s Composure 2

T/N: Wao, new update after a day? Amazing (๑✧∀✧๑)

Welp, this one’s fairly short and is also okaa-sama’s POV after Lidi returned home. Watch out for grammar/translation/spelling mistakes as usual. Enjoy~

Side Story 13 – The Wife’s Composure 2

「I’m home, Mother. I’ve just returned home.」


I watched my daughter in half-amusement as she happily reported her return home.

Although she looked to be energetic, my daughter, who didn’t come home yesterday, donned a dress I’ve never seen before.

The color and the design are both pleasant. It might have been picked by Clara.


「Welcome home, Lidi……Did His Highness permit your return home?」


My daughter, who arrived through House Pejegreeni’s carriage, quivered upon hearing my words.

……As I thought.

I did think it was strange. If her return home went through the proper procedures, our carriage would have been used.

I felt a terrible hunch at this occasion that did otherwise. This involves my daughter. I gather she dragged Will into it again.


As someone who is aware of his feelings, all I could feel is regret.


「Umm……That is, er」

「Though I believe it to be unreasonable, you did not possibly return home without notice, did you?」



I leaked a sigh at the sight of my daughter’s wandering gaze.

Her boyish-like manner is getting out of hand.

Though it wasn’t influenced by my husband’s words, I wonder how she grew up to be this way.


「Doing as you liked. Are you even aware of the inconvenience you caused for a great deal of people?」



As I severely spouted my words, my daughter dropped her shoulders. Even then, I continued my scolding.

Have we excessively allowed her to do as she pleased so far.

Seeing my daughter hang her head dejectedly, I never ceased my stern lecture.



「This time, I would be the one to send a letter to the castle’s people. If you are reflecting on your actions, you should at least think before you conduct an action next time.」

「……I apologize.」

「You should direct your apology to the people you’ve caused trouble for, not to myself. Naturally, to His Highness as well.」



This would be almost the first time I’ve harshly scolded my daughter. Though she appeared to be teary eyed, she still nodded clearly.


I tasked the butler to prepare a pen and paper, and afterwards, I wrote my daughter’s return home along with an apology.


「Deliver this to the Head Court Lady, Clara Grimm, if you please.」

「Certainly, madam.」


From my daughter’s story, as I thought, the one who took care of her was Clara.

If that were the case, then entrusting this to her is the best choice.




Seeing my daughter standing idly by, I extinguished my indignation and I called out to her.

If she’s sincerely reflecting, then this much is sufficient.


「……It’s already fine. Return to your room. However, never repeat this again, alright?」

「I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.」


It seems that being scolded by me for the first time was too much of a shock. My daughter apologized once again then returned to her room in languid steps.


In doing so, the nape of her neck was exposed and I was able to get a glance of the red marks plastered on her skin.


「……Ara ara」


It appears that my daughter is extremely loved by His Highness.

At this pace, the presence of my daughter at home would lessen.

Thinking that His Highness would rush here as early as tomorrow, I saw my daughter off.


Although there are certainly times when a fiancée is not determined and a fretting feeling surfaces.


「……You’ll be leaving soon.」


As I thought of the day of my daughter’s marriage, I began immersing myself in my own thoughts.

I wish for your happiness.


――――That’s my only desire.


T/N: Yey~! Short side story done~ and it’s only 4 pages of words wah. So it seems like everyone knows of Will’s feelings for Lidi, all except Lidi herself rofl. Such dense-ness, sasuga MC. (ಡ艸ಡ)

Next chapter will be back to Lidi’s POV, finally lol so a bit easier to translate phew

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20 thoughts on “Outaishihi Ni Nante Naritakunai!! Side Story 13 – The Wife’s Composure 2

  1. >Although there are certainly times when a fiancée is not determined and a fretting feeling surfaces.

    I wonder if she too, had a bit of a wilder romance with her husband, and ended up being disappointed at one point that he didn’t come by to court or flirt with her. The last bit is vague enough to imply she herself may have had a bit of personal experience with what Lidi is going through; just not as “loved” as Lidi was.

    It could just as also be maternal intuition. But that would be boring in a series where not all characters are as they seem. I’m not saying she needs to be as amazing as Duchess Armelia from Duke’s Daughter, but maybe she was a little less conventional, which led to some misunderstandings between her and Clara in the past.

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  2. I feel a bit sorry for Will but most of my feelings is also along the lines of, “You dug your own grave.” Let’s all move on shall we? More military festivals, please.

    PS. There is only one more illustration for this volume. Let me know how to contact you so I can send the next volume. Thanks!

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    1. Oh yes for the festivals~ I’d like to say ‘soon’, but I don’t think it’ll be that soon enough. This is the start of the turning point of the plot, and by plot I mean, the real one. *sad music*(πーπ)

      Thank you so much! ❤ If you'd be willing to, you can send it via discord, my username is asianweeb#7703 Let me know if you prefer e-mail instead tho, or other mailing apps 😀


      1. That’s right they are getting ready to go to war. Freed will be on the front lines. Where will Will be stationed? In the palace????

        Thank you for this chapter

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    1. Helloooo im rly sorry for the late reply AND the late update!!!!!! I was supposed to post an update about two weeks ago but then my laptop’s hardrive decided to be corrupted 😢😢😢 i wasnt able to save the translated ch online, so i had to do it all over againnn (also fix my laptop, which took days, idk about the harddrive yet tho, im using my old one that was recently also fixed sooo 💸💸) and then my graduation plus first week of job came up so i havent had the time to adjust. So im rly sorryyyyy, im about halfway done with re-translating ch 42, so hopefully, ill be able to post it ina couple of dayssss (tomo if lucky but no promises huhu)


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